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About Supreme OTR

Supreme OTR is a long-standing trucking company that has delivered goods to vendors, suppliers, and partners for more than several decades. We have made a commitment to excellence and we pride ourselves on being able to meet all demands and deliveries. We have a tracking system that allows us to track the progress of our current deliveries while also catching any snags to help prevent them and make the delivery as safe and seamless as possible.
Our commitment to on-time deliveries shows in our track record where we deliver on time 98.5% of the time. Unlike other trucking companies, we focus on the happiness of our partners and we pride ourselves on our strict policies and rules that ensure your product is delivered on time and safe. We also place a lot of focus on driver safety while on the road.

We have been ranked one of the top truck driving agencies for good reason and we wear the title proud. We know exactly how to transport your items from dry goods to refrigerated goods and more. There is no challenge too difficult for us and our drivers have been properly trained as well.

If you would like to learn more about our company or you would like to become a truck driver, call Supreme OTR at 888-413-1557.

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It is our mission to find the best truck drivers out there. If you are visiting our site, then you are likely looking for a job and we want to talk to you. There are many reasons why drivers choose to work with us including great pay, full benefits, and flexibility in scheduling.

We know that finding a job may seem difficult but when you turn to us, we can take that stress off your shoulders. We will connect you with an opportunity where you can grow as an individual and as a truck driver. With continued support and training, you can advance your career throughout your life.
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Whether you are new to the industry or you are looking for a better position, we want to talk to you. Our team is committed to matching you up with a truck driving career that meets your needs. We will sit down with you and discuss your qualifications and your available options to choose from.

We are excited that you want to become a truck driver and we will help you land the perfect job today! Call Supreme OTR at 888-413-1557.




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